Blanks Wholesale Requirements

HALO Sales Staff
  1. We are already registered as a Vendor at HALO so you have no need to provide any documents.
  2. You will automatically receive NET Terms as defined by HALO for your POs.
U.S.A. Companies
  1. You will need your W9 document ready as a photo jpeg or PDF. You can download a W9 fillable form by clicking here, print it out, sign and date it and take a photo.
  2. You will need either your Sales Certificate/Sales Permit or other sales tax exemption document and you will be asked to upload both files after the registration page.
  • Shipping via UPS Ground Canada
  • USMCA Certified import tax free
Outside the U.S.A.
  • Proof of Legitimate company
  • VAT number for UK or EU countties only

Registration for Blanks