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Shadow Shifter for Retailers wholesale

The Philadelphia Gift Show
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks PA
Jan 25 - Jan 28 2020
We are exhibiting at:
BOOTH #1139

Karl Clayton - Founder and CEO

Philadelphia Gift Show


Our products are sellable in all retail environments and departments with no need for sales staff.

We have started installations of our Shadow Shifter products at many different locations throughout the U.S.A. with great success after our extensive market research.

We are taking applications for the sale of our rapidly growing new and exclusive brand made in the U.S.A..

FREE Video Display Stand

We are offering a FREE video display stand for the first 500 retailers who stock our products.

You can watch the Shadow Shifter t-shirt demo video on our display stand at retail brick and mortar locations around the U.S.A or by clicking on the play button on the following display stand picture.

The video demo is on a loop and in-store the sound is set to off.  The display is automatically turned on and off when the store opens and closes.



- FREE Video display stand for first 500 retailers
- Full color display header
- Demo video plays on loop
- Demo video auto turn on in the morning
- Demo video auto turn off in the evening
- Audio off but available through setup screen
- No need for sales staff
- Not restricted to apparel departments
- Machine Washable for years of use
- Machine Dryable
- Full color recyclable packaging
- Tamper proof heat shrink wrapped recyclable packaging
- Sizing chart, care instructions on packaging
- UPC barcoded for easy retail checkout
- Made in the U.S.A.

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- Family product enables multiple units sales at one purchase
- Tamper proof shrink wrap maintains the new integrity of the product
- To experience the magic you must buy
- Machine washable and dryable for years of use
- Made in the U.S.A. for quick or immediate supply
- Video demo illiminates any need for sales staff education or interaction
- A perfect packaged gift for all seasons
- Sellable in all retail store departments and retail store types such as Beach Stores, Chain Stores, Museums, Toy Stores, Airport Stores, Gift Stores, Hospital Stores, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores etc.

Shadow Shifter KIDS

Our color changing t-shirts for kids are the most fun a child can have with a t-shirt. The magic just makes them go WOW.

Shadow Shifter® KIDS are unisex for boys and girls with several colors and sizes.

Shadow Shifter ADULTS

The kids are amazed by Shadow Shifter but the adults are just as fascinated by our color changing technology.

Shadow Shifter® ADULTS are unisex for men and women with several colors and sizes.

"We manufacture our products in the U.S.A. for high quality and quick turnaround times to retail.  I have spent 15 years perfecting Shadow Shifter and we now have a brilliant product."

Karl Clayton - Founder and CEO

Shadow Shifter
Shadow Shifter Heat Reactive Color Changing T-shirts
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